Artist #5:         Hal Sisson

Address:         8519 McCarthy Road, Addison, NY 14801

Phone:            607-359-3432


Description:   My work , landscapes and still lifes feature my favorite art element, texture. Media include watercolor, oil, and colored pencil.


Artist #6:         Jay Pullman, Pullman Paintings

Address:         6 Brush Street, Arkport, NY 14807

Phone:            585-355-2638




Description:   I paint landscapes in oil to catch the beauty in nature, especially in the morning and evening when the light is most dramatic. I also enjoy painting portraits and still lifes. Overall, I am committed to celebrating the beauty in the world through my paintings.


Artist #7:         Bridget Bossart van Otterloo

Address:         10 Jackson Circle, Corning, NY 14830

Phone:            607-962-7968



Description:   “My work is about the beauty in nature. I believe that this beauty enriches our existence, if we can only take a moment to pause our busy lives and take notice. Natural forms, elegant lines, bold colors, and the intrinsic details found in nature are the themes in my work. When painting, I represent nature accurately, but also with my own impression. I use the paint, oil or watercolor, in thin transparent layers. This layering technique creates a luminous glow throughout the piece, as light passes through and bounces off the different layers. With nature as my muse, I have yet to run out of inspiration. I hope my work serves to reconnect you with her beauty.”

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Artist #8:         Jennifer Green Fais

Address:         Beulahland, 4363 County Rte. 24, Cameron Mills, NY 14820

Phone:            607-776-8018




Description:   Handcrafted copper-enameled and stained glass jewelry, small watercolors, encaustics and monoprints of local landmarks, birds, landscapes and waterscapes are featured this year. Greeting card packs are also available. Custom House Portrait commissions welcome.