About Us

What is artsinbloom.net?

Artisinbloom is a free resource blog created for artists by artists. The sole purpose of this blog is to help artists from anywhere in the globe access the latest art information in a modern and efficient way.

 It was created by a team of artists who are extremely passionate about art and learning something new everyday plus sharing the information to other art lovers.


Our mission is to help beginners in the field of art learn more about art techniques, how to implement them, how to grow creatively and how to advance their skills among other things.

Art is a continuous subject that grows every day, which is why we aim to share regular bits of important information that will help you in your everyday art life.

From beginners, gurus, art teachers and art lovers; this blog caters to a large scope in the art community. You


artsinbloom.net is all about team players. Our team is made out of the most diverse group of artists you could think of. From art teachers, young art students, expert painters, photographers and more; we all have something to contribute to this blog.

We work together to make sure the content is as accurate as possible and provides the reader with useful and non-biased information.


Our team also consists of researchers, editors and writers who work on the content to make sure it is presented well on the site. Thanks to them, the content is easily accessible and matches the aesthetic of the web. They ensure the papers are easy to skim through and understand for all kinds of artist.

Editorial guidelines

We assure you that the content presented to you is honest, well researched and non-biased. We work hard to provide you, the reader with valuable and expert advice plus multiple visual examples that are meant to inspire your creative side.